Admissions Process  

Admissions decisions are made based on a variety of criteria and from a thorough review and analysis of the student’s educational, behavioral, and emotional history. Student referrals can be made by local educational agencies (LEAs), parents, community agencies, and clinicians. If you are interested in touring the school or would like to find out more information, please click on the link below and fill out the inquiry form.

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Once a tour is complete and the referring agency or family is interested in pursuing a placement at HJEC, a School Intake Form will be sent to the family (it will request most recent testing, most recent IEP, clinical information). Hopeful Journeys' Executive Director, Clinical Director, and Educational Director will review the information. If upon initial review, the administrative team believes the student referral meets the identified criteria, Hopeful Journeys' admissions coordinator will set up an intake with the student, his/her parent(s) or guardian or school district.
The student’s intake will consist of the student meeting with the Clinical Director and/or Educational Director for a 1 hour observation and with the family to determine whether the student would be a candidate for Hopeful Journeys. Questions regarding admissions can be directed to Erin Dunham at External link opens in new tab or window978-993-8096  or External link opens in new tab or